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Dedicated to the exchange of ideas between the peoples of Scotland and North America

SCOTTISH HERITAGE USA was founded in 1965 by Ward Melville “to recognize and enhance the original bonds of ancestral and national character among the peoples of Scotland and North America; and to disseminate knowledge of their respective cultural heritages; and in furtherance of such purposes to support the preservation of historic sites, the maintenance of centers of artistic and literary endeavor and such other activities as may be appropriate”.

The Rev. Dr. Douglas F. Kelly

Peter McC. Wilson

Mary Ann Masters, O.D.

Eileen M. Helton

William S. Caudill
Robert Groves III
Bruce T. Hamilton
Rev. Douglas F. Kelly
Dr. James McCallum
Robert McWilliam
W. Daniel Pate
Stephen G. Quillin, FSA, Scot

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